About us

‘Road Safety’ (Dorojnaya Bezopastnost) Public Association has been created in May 2012.

It is an independent, non-commercial, first organization specializing on Road Safety in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The main tasks of organization are: education, awareness, advocacy, informational campaigns.

The main objectives of our NGO are:

– Changing the culture of society in relation to road safety through the public awareness;

– Promote the use of seat belts, non-alcohol and anti-drug driving, speed limits, a ban on the use of mobile phones and others.

– Expert advice to the Government, public, media and businesses on road safety and strengthening their participation in road safety;

– Involvement of civil society in a sustainable and effective improvement of road safety.

Our NGO is active around the Kyrgyz Republic. One of our main partner is EASST (UK). We also have partners in Georgia, Moldova and other CIS countries.

CHARTER of Public Association ‘Road safety’ in English