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Media campaign in August 2019

Dear Friends! This is our first newsletter which we started from August this year.

Within the framework of the EBRD project “Support for safe and sustainable roads in Bishkek” in collaboration with EASST/UK and PA Road Safety we hold targeted media campaign on importance of using the seat belts and car seats in Bishkek.

We visited about 30 following different companies and they support us in spreading flyers on seat belts and car seats:

– Family Medicine Сenter #8
– Children’s Hospital # 3
– A.N.T Kacelyarkin store
– Kyrgyz Adult Education Association
– Book Store in Dordoi Plaza
– Kyrgyz – Russian Slavonic University, Faculty of Economics
– “Eclectic” Training Center
– “Viva Victoria” beauty studio
– Children’s Entertainment Center, Tash Rabat
– Baby shop of car seats “Baby Comfort” In Tash Rabat Trade Center
– Driving School “Profi Techo”
– Festival “Mama Fest”
– Education Center “Challenge”
– Store for kids “Detskiy Mir”
– Press service of Republican Traffic police
– Supermarket “FRUNZE” in the Dordoi Plaza shopping center, in the Mall of Asia Supposedly, in TC Vefa
– Supermarket ” Yabloko”
– Bishkek Traffic Police
– The distribution of flyers near the Dordoi Plaza shopping center
– Service centers of Megakom Mobile company in the shopping center GUM
– Children Entertainment Center in Asia Mall
– Store of car seats and shop for babies
– Driving School “Drivers Union”
– Car seats store
– Driving school “School Avtoplyus”

We organized open classes in three driving schools on using seat belts and car sits:

    Open Class in Driving School “Drivers Union”

  Open class in Driving School “Techno Plus”

  Open Class in driving school “Avto Plus”

People actively supported us by numerous reposts through social networks!

Next month we will conduct meetings and trainings in schools of Pervomaisky district in the framework of EBRD project on the importance of using seat belts, child car seats, reflective elements, not exceeding speed.