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October Newsletter Road Safety 2019

October Newsletter Road Safety 2019

Training in the framework of EBRD project “Support of safe and sustainable roads in Bishkek”.
15 October: training on using of car seats and seat belts for taxi companies.
16 October : one day on road safety at school. Training for students of primary school, for teachers, for parents.
17-18 October: two days training for New Patrol Service police.
18 October: training for future mothers on using children car seats at perinatal center №4.
Training was conducted by EASST experts Serghei Diaconu and Tatiana Mihailova.

15 October it was conducted a training for taxi companies and it was held a buster drawing among the participants.

Nursultan Sulaimanov from Tumar taxi , draw winner.

16 October:
“One day in school on road safety”.
It were conducted training for children, teachers and parents at school #25 of Bishkek by experts Serghei Diaconu and Tatiana Mihailova.
Demonstration of police car and fire engine, draw of two children car seats flesh mob were also included to program.

Training for children.

Training for teachers.

Police and fire engine demonstration.
Flesh mob near the school on road safety.


Lottery of children car seats at school #25 in the framework of EBRD project.

Two days training for police by EASST expert Serghei Diaconu.

Special practical police operation on seat belts.

October 18: a training was held in the perinatal center No. 4 of Bishkek.
Training on the importance of using child car seats and their proper use. It was held a draw of child car seat among the 23 participants of training. Training was held by trainer expert of EASST, Tatiana Mihailova.