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I taught the rules of the road in a driving school. Now I will develop a road safety program for this school and lead it

Interview with the teacher of the road safety rules of Gavrilov secondary school.

Name: Lazanhu Kerim Isayevich

Please, tell us about yourself

I finished postgraduate program and soon I will become a doctoral candidate. I teach at the Gavrilov Secondary School and the Academy of Sciences. I work in Gavrilov school for 2 years. I conduct lessons in mathematics, chemistry, military training and will soon begin to teach in the rules of road safety.

Tell us more about the lessons of the road safety

Lessons will be conducted in 5, 6, 7, 8 classes for 5 hours per week. This lesson has already been introduced, but since the new quarter has just begun, we are now reviewing the schedule. Classes will begin from December this year. This subject will be mandatory, with a system of assessments, students will see that there is an occupation tomorrow and it is necessary to prepare for it.

Do you already have a training program?

I have a driving program from a driving school, but it's a little unsuitable for schoolchildren, since there is a lot of theory there. When creating the training program, I will focus on the knowledge of schoolchildren and the countryside, because they spend most of the time in the village.

Additional hours that you will lead will be paid?

I do not know. Paid or not paid, I did not specify this system.

Why did you decide to teach road safety rules to schoolchildren?

I taught the rules of the road in a driving school and I am a member of the Drivers' Union and from this I concluded that schoolchildren need to teach lessons on SDA.

The study of the need for road safety lessons in schools provides with the support of the project of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate / GARS - NGO "Road Safety Foundation".


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