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It is very hard to find out for us at what level are training sessions on road safety. It's on the conscience of every teacher

Interview with Erkin Kudaibergenova, director of the Gavrilov school of the Sokuluk district.

Do you think that it is necessary to introduce mandatory lessons on road safety rules for schoolchildren?

Yes, I believe that this is necessary. Now the situation in schools is that for lessons on road rules, only a few hours per year are allocated. Of course, this is not enough. Also, we cannot be sure that teachers have sufficient knowledge of the rules of road safety and can transfer this knowledge to the schoolchildren. At what level are these exercises conducted are difficult to find out. This is on the conscience of every teacher.

Do the teachers who teach the traffic rules pay these extra hours?

Each week the teacher should spend a class hour with a duration of 1 hour. They choose the theme themselves. For class hours teachers receive a surcharge of 300 soms. But in general, payment for additional hours is included in the salary of the teacher.

Tell us please about the mandatory lessons of the road safety rules, which you are going to enter the school?

From December 2017, mandatory lessons will be introduced: 5 hours per week. We wanted to assemble the team, but since we have limited finance, the lessons will be led by Kerim Lasanhu, a teacher of the road safety rules. Of 5 mandatory hours, 4 hours will be devoted to the theory and 1 hour of practice.

Tell me please, whose initiative is this?

This is the initiative of the school administration and the teacher on the road safety rules, who offered to teach these lessons. We believe that such lessons should be compulsory in every school. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to conduct other educational activities, for example, English, dance, komuz, etc., because for 1200 som per month for the lesson, I cannot persuade someone to lead them. The least that we can do is conduct obligatory lessons on road safety rules. We have this opportunity. And so each school looks at its base, its capabilities and how it is convenient for them to conduct it.

The study of the need for road safety lessons in schools provides with the support of the project of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate / GARS - NGO "Road Safety Foundation".


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