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I had a shock, I could not even speak at the hospital
23.11.2017 11:07

Interview with Aktan, injured in an accident by a 12-year-old schoolboy of the Gavrilov school of the Sokuluk district.

Hello! My name is Bermet. I am a represent of the the public foundation "Road Safety". Thank you for agreeing to participate in the interview and for taking the time to talk. It is important for us to know your story. For any type of research is characteristic of fixing information. Your words will be recorded on the recorder. This will preserve the reliability of your words and simplify the further processing of data.

First name: Aktan
Class: 6A
Age: 12.

Please tell us about the recent road accident that happened to you.

It happened on October 31, Tuesday. It all started with the fact that I wanted to know my assessment of geography from the teacher, I saw her on the road, she crossed the road at the pedestrian crossing, I followed her. She said that you should go and see the assessment in school. I began to cross the road with my teacher.

The bus and one more car stopped, and we began to cross the road as at that time the white Toyota Camry pulled up at a high speed and knocked me down. I did not notice it because the bus blocked me. I fell. The teacher came running. When the teacher ran up and began to ask what happened, I could not say anything, since I had a shock. Another Russian woman ran up and began to ask what had happened and what school I was from. I barely said "Gavrilov." I was taken to traumatology. A teacher went to the hospital with me. Then my father and mother came. My dad is a surgeon, and my trauma mum. Lucky me (laughs)!

Can you tell me about the driver of the car that hit you?

There were men in that white car, they also went with me to the hospital. They told me that they did not notice me and thought that the bus stopped to land passengers, but then I heard them talking to each other. From the conversation it was clear that the driver and passengers saw me, but since they were traveling at high speed, they did not have time to brake on the pedestrian.

What was your feeling after the accident?

I had a shock, I could not even speak at the hospital, only when my mom and dad brought me home I was able to tell them about what had happened. The car touched my leg, so I had a pain in my leg, back, because the hand that I fell on. In the hospital I was examined, prescribed medication and on the same day. In the evening I was already at home. After 1 week, I almost recovered, but still sometimes my leg hurts.

Who teaches you traffic rules and how do you go to school?

Dad and mom tell me about the rules of the road, where you can cross the road, and where not. On the road where I go to school there are no road signs.

Do you know that soon the main road in Sokuluk district will become a four-lane road and it is important to learn how to properly cross it?

No, I do not know. They did not tell me. I think that there is a need to put a traffic light, because there is no traffic light.

When was the last time you had classes or activities on the SDA?

2 years ago, when we were in 4 "A" class, they came to us from television, from Channel 5, told us about the rules of the road and filmed us on camera.

The study of the need for road safety lessons in schools provides with the support of the project of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate / GARS - NGO "Road Safety Foundation".


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