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Pedestrian Safety in Bishkek’s Smart Cities Concept. A report by the Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport and Public Association ‘Road Safety’

48.6% of road fatalities in Bishkek are pedestrians.

Bishkek, along with the city of Osh, is embarking on an ambitious Smart City programme to improve urban life, make the city more sustainable and resilient, employ information technologies to enhance the efciency of public services, and make the streets safer and more secure for its residents. Smart cities can be more human-friendly than urban developments of the past and can help enrich and better connect local communities.

This report has been produced to assist the city in developing their strategy. Information on pedestrian movement and safety is vital for government and local authority planners seeking to improve city design as part of a smart cities programme. Finding ways to accommodate pedestrians safely inside a city is part of all good urban design. Allowing for safe pedestrian movement can help optimise investment decision-making to improve urbanisation and underpin mobility for residents, local businesses wanting to promote client footfall, and visitors - all important for smart cities.

Road safety is a key feature of a safe and secure urban environment. It is a critical issue in Kyrgyzstan, where over 1,000 lives are lost on the roads every year – around three each day. This loss of life is both a human and economic tragedy. Based on the World Bank formula for the economic cost of road crashes, road death and injury in Kyrgyzstan costs the country an estimated 5.22% of GDP annually.

According to Road Police data, 48.6% of road fatalities in Bishkek are pedestrians. Most (though not all) pedestrian death and injury is caused by one thing – poor road infrastructure. Improving pedestrian safety should be a key objective of Bishkek’s Smart Cities policies.

On 31st July 2017 President of the Republic Atambayev issued a decree setting out a “Complex of measures” for urgent activities to improve road safety. There is now a very good opportunity to incorporate these aims within a wider Smart Cities strategy for the capital, Bishkek. The aim of this report is to assist this process and put people at the centre of city developments.

Over 1000 lives are lost on the roads every year.

- THE PROBLEM: Pedestrian death and injury in Bishkek
- METHODOLOGY: Pedestrian count and surveys
- CASE STUDIES: Five road crossings in Bishkek
- OVERALL RECOMMENDATIONS: Tackling the most hazardous crossings
- CONCLUSION: Making Bishkek a Pedestrian-Smart City

Read the full report Pedestrian Safety in Bishkek’s Smart Cities Concept


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