“Road Safety” Public Association. Annual Report 2015

Road Safety Public Association registered on 15 May 2012.

This is the first NGO, registered in the country in transport and road safety area, works according to the Charter.

Mission of organization: “Save lives on the roads via education and awareness”.


18-19 November 2015: The Second Global Conference on High Level on Road Safety in Brazil (Brasilia)

More than 1000 delegates from more than 100 countries have congregated in Brazil in order to agree on the ways of cutting the number of deaths on the roads at least by half towards the end of the Decade (2011-2020), which is one of the objectives of Stable Sustainable Growth.

The conclusive document – the Brazilian Declaration on Road Safety is carrying out its activities according to the programme of the Decade long activities on Road Safety 2011-2020 along with the Objectives of Stable Sustainable Growth.

The «Road Safety» Public Association’ Director, Chinara Kasmambetova represented the Kyrgyz Republic and has been requested by the organizing side to be a panel speaker on one of the sessions «The transformation of our world – NGOs Rally on Safety Roads for all», where she spoke on the activities of her NGO regarding the collaboration with the country’s government.

She also mentioned her main partners- the British Organization EASST, which acts as the main partner of the organization, through which a very active works are carried out in other CIS countries.

Director of the “Road Safety” Association, Chinara Kasmambetova


World Remembrance Day of Road Traffic Victims (15 November 2015).

For the third consecutive year events have been held on this day. This year a special social video has been made and released: A Press Conference has been held on 12 November 2015

Director of Road Safety Association Chinara Kasmambetova, Intern Dinara Dooranova, Coordinator Begimai Aknazarova


TRACECA Project – II project on Road Safety (ЕС)/GRSP (Global Road Safety Partnership)/ Red Cross and Crescent Societies/ “EASST”:

A Pilot Project on «Speed» October, 2015- March 2016.

3 December 2015: Distribution of promotional metarials on speed and the usage of seat belts on the Doneckaia- Jukeeva Pudovkina roads


Tbilisi, Georgia 7-8 October 2015, EASST, Meeting of the Advisory Board and partners of EASST (UK)

Director of Road Safety Association Chinara Kasmambetova and Director of EASST Emma McLennan


Geneve, Switzerland, 1 October 2015, NGO Consultations on Road Safety with a special UN Envoy Jan Todt

Special UN Envoy on Road Safety Jan Todt and Director of Road Safety Association Chinara Kasmambetova


TRACECA – II on Road Safety, “Global Partnership on Road Safety”, “Red Cross and Crescent Societies”, EASST.

«Safe to school – Safe to home» Pilot Intervention Project

The project team ” Safe to school – Safe to home”: representative of the Department of Education Bishkek mayor’s office, representatives of Traffic Police, the staff of the NGO ” Road Safety” and volunteers


A competition in school  No 31 within the project «Safe to school- Safe to home» which was held together with the representatives of Traffic Police


TRACECA- ll on Road Safety “Global Partnership on Road Safety”, The Red Cross and Crescent Sociaties, EASST.

Chinara Kasmambetova as the National Coordinator of the TRACECA project – II Road Safety (EU) 2014-2015, carried out the following types of works on the organization of seminars in 2014-2015, TRACECA: drawing up a list of participants and making sure their participation, invitations, organization of the venue, organization and execution of contracts for the interpreters, catering, payment for the services, preparing and printing the materials, translation of documents, participated and monitored the seminar, ensured constant communication with government agencies to participate in the workshops, ensured constant communication with experts of TRACECA, ensured constant communication with experts and partners in the TRACECA seminars / produced reports.

Bishkek, 21-22 September 2015, Training for Trainers, Seminar for the workers of traffic police on delivering road services

TRACECA Expert Sergei Diakonu


Bishkek, 3-4 September 2015. TRACECA Seminar on Road Safety Audit and safety designs

Seminar participants


Bishkek 10-11 August 2015, TRACECA, Seminar for the representatices of Universities, Academics on the National Plan on increasing the road safety and preparing the necessary specialists

TRACECA Expert Boris Antich


Bishkek, 17-18 August 2015, Seminar on technical check of automobiles

The technical check seminar participants

Bishkek, 6-7 August 2015, TRACECA, Workshop on the management, coordination and financing of road safety, the identification of the economic losses caused by traffic accidents, as well as the implementation of national action plans to increase road safety and training/education related professionals.

Seminar with the participation of Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications U.Uezbaev, Head of TRACECA-II Road Safety Alan Ross


Bishkek, 11-12 July 2015, TRACECA, Seminar on the routes of movements and safe parking of trucks (Convention on AETR)

The TRACECA Expert Djills Baranjer and the seminar participants


Bishkek, 2-3 July 2015 TRACECA, Seminar on Road Safety Audit and Management

The TRACECA Expert Dejan Jovanov, seminar participants


Bishkek, 2-3 July 2015, TRACECA, Seminar on Technical check of automobiles

The TRACECA Expert Dusan Mlademovic


Bishkek, 2-3 July 2015, TRACECA, Seminar on database of road accidents

The TRACECA Expert Dragoslav Kukic


Baku, Azerbaijan, 2-3 May 2015, 48 Annual Meeting of ADB

Baku, Azerbaijan, participation in the ADB Annual Meeting


Almaty, Kazakhstan, 24-25 May 2015, TRACECA. Regional Seminar on management, finances and risk factors.

Almaty, EASST Partners


18 March 2015: the Road Safety Association’ Director became a member of the Governmental Commission on Road Safety.

Director of Road Safety Association Chinara Kasmambetova and Deputy Director of the Secretariat of the Governmental Commission on Road Safety Zoya Tulegenova


6-12 May 2015: UN Week of Children Safety on the roads. Video has been produced:

Schoolgirl of School no 5 is signing the post dedicated to the UN Week


Meeting the 1 “J” class of school no 67: preparation of posters, billboards and brochures dedicated to UN Week, with the support from the World Health Organization Representative Office in Kyrgyzstan

1 “J” class of school no 67, Bishkek


February 2015, “Road Safety” Association became a member of Traffic Police staff selection Committee

A written test during the selection process (December 2015)


Marrakech, Morocco, 13-14 March 2015, the Fourth Global Meeting of NGOs on Road Safety

NGO Partners from Iran, Tajikistan and other countries


Bishkek, 24-27 February 2015, TRACECA, National Seminar on management and financing of Road Safety

Seminar participants

Collaboration with Mass Media

18 December 2015 Azattyk/Liberty Radio: “What measures needs to be taken to decrease road accidents?”

Chinara, Azattyk/f Radio Correspondent Aizada Kasmalieva, Deputy Head of Traffic Police I.Sarkulov


20 December 2015/Azattyk/Liberty Radio, “Perekrestok” Program, the theme: “Moldovian pilot project/Safe City Projects”

Head of Information Center Jyrgalbek Duishebaev and Chinara Kasmambetova


December 2015: AKI-TV: “How dangerous to drive in winter time for drivers?

Seminars/Workshops/Round Tables

8 December 2015: Traffic Police Seminar “Fight with Corruption in Traffic Police system”(Bishkek)

Traffic Police/Participants of the WS


5 June 2015 City Traffic Police «Road Safety in Bishkek and ways of solving it» (Bishkek). By PA “Road Safety” establishment of RS City Council has been suggested.

Participants of the WS


Public Association «Road Safety» is part of : Advisory Council of «EASST», the Committee  on Road Safety under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic from 2015, Traffic Police staff selection Committee ( from 2015), Member of NABA (National Association of Business Administration), Member of the GARS ( Global Alliance of NGOs on Road Safety).

Public Association «Road Safety»’s Director Chinara Kasmambetova is the National Coordinator of the EC TRACECA- II Road Safety (August 2014-December 2015). Graduated the FIA Foundation Scholarship on Road Safety (UK, June 2013), graduated Road Safety courses from the University of Grandfield (London, UK 2014).

Public Association «Road Safety» webpage:

Youtube: “Дорожная безопасность Кыргызстан”:

Facebook: “Jol Koopsuzdugu”

Tel: (996 779) 241 668.


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